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Governor Election : Pilih Yang Mane Nich?

Make sure you are officially registered
Flood Again? Chose the non incumbent
Betawi United Dukung Adang
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Governor Election : Pilih Yang Mane Nich?

Jakarta had a real hot ‘demam’….saat ini!
started early June with this sign…

It’s in Bahasa Betawi, “Cang (Pakcik)..Cing (Makcik)..Nyak (Mom)..Babe (Dad) ..Check your local kelurahan* Make sure you’ve been registered (as the official voter for the next Pilkada), Don’t regret later!!!”

Later on….
If you pass any given roads in Jakarta these days,
There’s no chance you won’t notice things like these…

“Banjir lagi?? Cappe’ Dehh…Ayo Benahi Jakarta”
(Flood again? No Way!!….Let’s Manage Jakarta)

a more primordialistic like :

“Boleh dong Orang Betawi ngurus kampungnye sendiri?”
(Give ‘Jakarta native son’ a chance to be the leader on its own home)
“Betawi Bersatu Pilih Adang-Dani”

“Our moral responsibility to support Tenabang’s** son to lead Jakarta”

Oh yeah…it’s a war time now….
The “campaign ad war” I mean…

But don’t take it too hard…Life’s been hard kan?
So enjoy the ads…cause on second thought, the ads can be so witty, funny, even sarcastic…

These weeks have been campaign period for (Daerah Khusus Ibukota) Jakarta Provincial governor candidates. For the very first time the capital city held this ‘Pesta Democrazy’ kononnya…We Call It “Pemilihan Kepala Daerah” or “Pilkada” in short…
(Nggak ada hubungannya sama Pil Ectassy tentu…)

Go to bilik Suara, then pick the candidate that suit you well…

I was hoping at first, that there should be at least four, five or even more candidates in the election. The More candidates, The Merrier the party will be ( pastinya lahh…)
To my surprise, the show began rather disappointing…
Only TWO CANDIDATES from Day One!!!
And it’s no surprising anymore who would win (Nggak seru banget ah!!!)


As you knew (yang udah tahu…) today’s Jakarta’s vice governor –Haji Fauzi ‘Foke’ Bowo- is now running for the Governor Election. With General Prianto for vice governor.

That is factor #1, An incumbent -even if only Vice Governor- usually would easily win. According to the add: ‘Ini die ahlinye…” (he’s been there, done that)

Factor #2, He’s –incidentally- A Jakarta native son ‘Orang Betawi Asli’ who for the first time in the history ever runs for this candidacy. According to the ad: “Anak Betawi Tanahabang buat jadi pemimpin Jakarte” The history in the making (they say..)

Factor #3, He’s been dicalonkan by more than a dozen big parties. Those who usually on different directions (like those of Golkar with PDI-P, or Islamic parties PBR/P3 with Chrsitian PDS) are now even bersatu-padu. (O yeach…no eternal friend or enemy in the politics, right?)

So that’s it. GOLIATH is there…

Now who’s DAVID?
David -The rival out there- is….a Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS)’s candidate : General Adang Daradjatun (for Governor) and Haji Dani Anwar (for vice governor).

Factor #1 Adang was rather new…not as famous as Fauzi Bowo
Factor #2 Adang was a Sundanese (actually orang Bogor), even though Dani Anwar was orang Betawi.
Factor #3 Many fear that an Islamic party victory like PKS would turn Jakarta into second Aceh for implementing Sharia….a baseless rumor which voiced by those Islamic phobia geeks…recently denied by PKS’s leader Tifatul Rum Sembiring that :


“PKS would not implement Sharia officially (If we win), instead we’d focus on spirit and principles that based on Islamic Sharia, and are accepted by community regardless of backgrounds, religions and ethnics differences”

Who would win? Goliath? Or David?
Let’s see it later..
But many quick count pools reported its early counting that Fauzi-Prianto would beat Adang-Dani in the election but only with a very slight difference. (23% to 16%)

* Kelurahan is a place where you deal with identity card/citizen card and sort of that, it is the 4th grade of system pentadbiran in Indonesia, after Province (1st ) -> Kabupaten/Kota(2nd)->Kecamatan/Distrik(3rd) -> Kelurahan. In some areas it is called Desa, Dusun, Kampung or Nagari.
** Tenabang or Tanah Abang is traditionally the cradle of Betawi culture, makes no wonder if those candidates must be coming from this area – both Fauzi Bowo and Dani Anwar are reputedly anak Tenabang. So…the village itself kind of ‘terpecah’ between the two supporters.


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